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Youth on the Move (Young adults ages 11 - 18)

We meet every Saturday Night @ 7 PM 

Chris and Julia know how to relate to today's generation having been bound by the things that hold so many of our youth captive at the moment. Porn, drugs, alcohol, the emotional and mental scars that characterize those from broken homes are just a few things that JESUS has healed and delivered them from. Out of great gratitude for the mercy and grace God has shown them, they passionately desire for not only the youth but their whole families to experience the love, freedom and power of God that they now enjoy in their lives


Our Youth are Liberated Obedient Valuable Extraordinary Destined which is why we call it L.O.V.E.D Ones Youth Ministry. Needing and wanting to be loved is the greatest need we see time and time again after spending time with the kids. Many of them come from broken homes and just want a sense of family and identity. Having a genuine encounter with God and the love He offers is the main thing, and when they do, they get liberated and become obedient to His word.  They get a sense of worth and value and tap into the extraordinary, and find their destiny and identity when they feel the love of God they then begin to know they are a loved




Chris & Julia Ward

Youth Leaders

Chris & Julia are our Youth Leaders here at FWIC and actually met while both attending church services here and were eventually married in 2010. Both have been faithfully attending FWIC for well over five years now. Chris was born in California and has been living in Arizona now for over six years. Julia a native of Arizona and has been living here her entire life. Both Chris & Julia came to learn of FWIC from one of the many outreach programs. We truly believe we need to take the good news of Jesus Christ outside the four walls of the church building and tell the world that starts right in our own community.


Chris & Julia’s passion is for the youth of today and it’s evident that they long to see a move of God among the youth and will do all they can to help teens understand the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Chris & Julia also have a son, Julian, who also serves in various areas of the ministry; most memorably, he helped out the children’s ministry with his break-dancing skills. When not serving at FWIC Chris tells us he enjoys watching all sports but he really enjoys the NBA, NFL and MMA and also loves the game of Chess as well. Julia enjoys cosmetics, specifically in the make-up area and likes to keep current with today’s trends and fashions. Together they enjoy traveling, cooking, movies and spending quality time with family.



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