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Marriage & Couples Mentoring

Every 45 seconds a marriage ends in America.  With it ends not only a covenant of love, but also the stability of a home, financial solidity, and a model of committed love for children to take into their own marriages, every 45 seconds, America loses more than another marriage.  It loses another building block in the structure of what secures her future: strong, loving relationships based on respect, commitment and integrity.  This year alone 1.2 million families will experience the rupturing and fragmentation of divorce.  Hearts shattered.  Children devastated.  Hope lost.


Statistics say it all...


  • 1.2 Million couples across America file for divorce each year.

  • $112 Billion is the annual cost of divorce to taxpayers

  • 4 Weeks of work time is lost during the first year after a divorce

  • $150 Billion is the annual cost of divorce to U.S. businesses.


America is only as strong and healthy as the integral relationships that make her grow and prosper.  Committed marriages establish solid families which build strong communitites.  Where marriages are committed to serving Christ and each other, relationships thrive.  


Please join us in our goal to strengthen marriages and prevent divorce - to the end that the basic building blocks of our society - loving, committed marriages and families - are protected, respected and provide a living legacy for the next generation.


Marriage is honorable and a sacred institution according to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible references the sanctity of the relationship between husband and wife in many examples. It also defines the importance of the family structure. In an effort to meet the overwhelming need to strengthen, maintain and value Marriages and Families within the Lords church, the leadership of Fire & Water Int'l Church truly believes in the sanctity of marriage and will do all within our power to help others in need. 


Goals / Objectives:


  • Strengthening and Renewing Marriages and Families via ongoing activities, couple mentoring programs, and other education materials / support.

  • Provide and on-going assessment of the needs of Christian marriages.

  • To establish and implement a support system that deters marriage breakdown.

Tom & Sheryl Margherita

Marriage & Couples Ministry Pastors

“We have the awesome privilege of serving the couples at Fire & Water to enhance their marriages and build strong marriages on the foundation of God’s Word.”  Pastors Tom & Sheryl teach the principle of unconditional love and the power of a covenant marriage - promoting commitment, intimacy and growth in marriage relations. Pastors Tom & Sheryl provide one-on-one ministry to couples whose marriages are in trouble to bring healing, deliverance and restoration.  They also provide teaching and training to engaged couples so they have the tools and information they need to have a successful Godly marriage.


After tragedy struck in both of their lives, God brought Pastor Tom & Pastor Sheryl together for a divine purpose.  They have a powerful testimony of the redeeming and restoring power of God and how He does work everything out for our good and for His glory!

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