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Timeline & History

Memory is important throughout the Bible, when the people of Israel remember God’s promises—and His goodness—good things happen. But when they forget, they turn to other things for meaning; they put their trust in other gods—money, power, position, and possessions. It’s been a problem for the people of God up to the present day, so these attempts to remember can remind us about God’s great works. It has always been true that when God’s people take their eyes off Him, they forget the lessons of the past. We honor God through our worship, and we are reminded of significant lessons learned when we praise Him.  - Excerpt from "The Voice" translation on Joshua 4 speaking of "The Memorial Stones"


It's important to remember what God has done. This section of the site are our Memorial Stones and just as God instructed Joshua to build their Old Testament memorial to remind the generations to come of God's goodness; that is the purpose of this section here as well. This assignment could not be maintained on our own and it has been clearly evident that God started this, He will sustain and finish it. By looking back on the significant milestones over the last two decades we are encouraged to know that God's hand is still in control and we are merely His instruments. 


This slideshow video below was created in 2010 and viewed at our Labor Day Conference in that same year. The timeline here is our attempt to capture some of the milestones of what God is doing here in the inner city of Phoenix, Arizona. 



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