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Uganda! What a beautiful country, culture and people!

Pastor Gus was invited to speak at the 14th Annual "High Voltage" Conference in Lira, Uganda. Pastor Gus, Pastor Robert and members of the Media Team (Aaron Huyser & Eric Ferrera) made the 50 hour one-way journey from Phoenix, AZ to Lira, Uganda a total of nearly 20,000 miles roundtrip. Over the course of the conference and with an estimated tens of thousands in attendance God moved and lives were eternally impacted! 


At the conference we witnessed deliverances, healings and the greatest miracle of all...salvation. Thousands of souls came into the Kingdom each and every service. The Media Team is working to sift through all the footage which will be aired on future television broadcasts of "There Is an Answer". These shows will also ultimately end up here on our website as well. So bare with us while we work on that but until then here are some of the countless photos shot in Uganda.

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