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The purpose of ushering in church is not merely to serve people, as in a theater or restaurant. Its purpose is to serve God. When the ushers see to it that an atmosphere of reverence and order is maintained before, during, and after the service, they do it for God. When they usher the worshippers to their seats, they do it for God. When they gather the offerings, they serve God. What they do, they do not "as unto men, but unto God." They are a part of the total congregation, which presents itself before God to worship Him.


Although our faith and strength is placed securly in the Lord we still do use wisdom in the area of physical security at FWIC. For every service we have members of the security team that do patrol the parking lot and campus in efforts to promote a proactive approach of safety and security. This security team is purely volunteer-based and is a great place to get involved in and serve. If you are interested in helping out with Ushering or Security please inquire in the church lobby.


Usher & Security

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